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"The combination of heat & cold is effective for exercising your skin. By repeatedly warming and cooling your skin, it is put into shape and will come to function normally. When ""skin power"" is attained, an environment that creates beautiful skin is created, and your skin will start to become soft and toned from its inner side. Warming & cooling aesthetic treatment awakens and transforms your skin. The temperature of 42°C increases proteins and leads to lustrous, beautiful skin. In combination with vibration, beautiful ingredients penetrate more easily to skin that has become softer & been put into very good shape for better effects. By cooling at a temperature of 6°C, pores are tightened and put into shape. This cooling slows down the function of melanin-creating melanocytes, leading to improvement of pigmentation such as freckles & blemishes. The use of vibration accelerates turnover and creates a normal skin environment. The protrusions on the plate care for fine areas and provide an acupressure treatment effect."