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GUERLAIN Abeille Royale Double R Serum 50ml

The upgraded version combines dynamic black honey repairing, royal bee products and 3 kinds of superior honey to bring palace-level nourishment and repair to the skin, and the skin regains its luster.

Product Features:
•Eshang Island honey and extra-grade royal jelly are multiplied to inject full nutrition into the skin, bringing outstanding moisturizing effect and exuding supple luster.
•Dynamic black honey repair, combined with pure honey, activates the skin repair code, activates cells, lifts and tightens, and restores youthful skin quality.
• Light and moisturizing essence texture, unique honey aroma, making skin elastic and energetic.

•Honey from Ouésan Island: Firms and restores skin texture
• Premium Royal Jelly: Moisturizes the skin

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