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GUERLAIN Fortifying Lotion with Royal Jelly 150ml

Advanced microencapsulated royal jelly technology + black honey repairing technology, continuously releasing the repairing effect of black honey from Ouésan Island, the anti-stress and anti-aging skin strength soars, and easily maintains tender skin!

Product Features:
• Through liposome technology, royal jelly is encapsulated in invisible microcapsules, and its concentration is 25 times higher than that of the Honey Vitalizing Essence Toner launched in 2016*, delivering rich and precious nutrients into the skin and enhancing the skin's ability to resist stress.
• Black honey repair technology, promote skin self-repair, anti-aging, make skin more plump and plump, face shape and contour more distinct, and its radiance, texture, and skin quality have been significantly improved.
• Black bee honey from Ouéchan Island, France, contains amino acids, trace elements and high-quality fructose, soothes stressed skin, effectively repairs and tightens skin.
• Skin-friendly texture, melts instantly, with the scent created by perfumer Thierry Wasser, with honey aroma and full of sunshine.

*Information sourced from Guerlain official website

• Premium Royal Jelly: Contains amino acids, trace elements and high-quality fructose, focusing on repairing and beautifying the skin
• Black bee honey from Ouechan, France: Soothes stressed skin and effectively improves skin quality