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DENON - Denon AH-C830NCW True Wireless In-Ear Noise Canceling Headphones

Equipped with powerful hybrid active noise cancellation comparable to a headset. When you want to listen to the ambient sound around you, such as the announcement on the train, you can quickly turn on the ambient sound mixing function with a tap of the earbud.

Large diameter HI-FI moving coil unit
Equipped with a large-diameter (11x10mm) dynamic unit, it has been repeatedly tested and adjusted by Denon audio master Shinichi Yamauchi to hear a huge sense of volume, broad space expression and dynamics. Even a live concert sounds exciting. Audio codec supports AAC and SBC.

Active Noise Cancellation and Transparency Mode
Active Noise Cancellation Mode: Equipped with powerful active noise cancellation that rivals the best over-ear headphones. New-generation algorithm and 2 feedback microphones effectively eliminate ambient noise.
Transparency mode: When you want to hear the sound around you, you only need to touch the earphone to quickly turn on the transparency mode, making the external sound clearer and traveling safer.

Lightweight and comfortable, long-term wearing experience "no feeling"
With a weight of only 5.3g, it naturally fits the shape of the auricle. The low center of gravity design gives you a comfortable "feel-free" experience and a comfortable fit for long-term use.

IPX4 waterproof
Equipped with IPX4 splash-proof function, it is not afraid of sweating during fitness training, or unexpected rain when going out.

Excellent connection stability
In order to suppress unpleasant sound interruptions and noises during music playback, arithmetic adjustments such as Bluetooth 5.0 supporting LE/Class1 are made, a high-performance FPC antenna is installed, and output control is performed according to communication conditions. Achieve excellent connection stability.

Long battery life
When using Bluetooth music, it can support up to 6 hours of battery life (4.8 hours with noise reduction turned on)*, and a total of 24 hours of battery life (19 hours with noise reduction turned on)* when used with the charging box, allowing music to uninterrupted.
*The battery life is the test time and may vary depending on the conditions of use.

Easy-to-use touch sensor
Built-in touch sensors let you play music, switch between noise canceling and ambient sound mixing functions, make calls and invoke voice assistants.

Wear detection function
Sensors built into the head unit detect wearing motion and automatically play and pause music.

Also supports voice assistant
You can call voice assistants such as Siri by touching the main unit. You can choose songs, check the news and weather forecast, manage your schedule, and operate smart home devices with your voice. Plus, you can operate your smart home devices with your voice. It's also convenient because you can select the person from your contacts by voice and make a call. (Available features vary by voice assistant)

Can be used as a single earbud
A single earbud can be used for music playback and hands-free calling, allowing you to use it while listening to your surroundings or charging the other earbud.