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・Using Japan's special electric turbine, exerting powerful dust collection efficiency
・Wireless design, easy to operate with one hand in accordance with the human body
・180-degree flexible rotating suction head, easily suck up dust and dirt buried in fluff and carpet
・Strong suction, two suction modes, instant dust collection up to 97% (performance test according to Japanese standards)
・Ergonomic handle, easy to hold and use
・LED battery indicator to prevent sudden power failure
・Two-in-one functional design, quickly converted into a portable vacuum cleaner
・With the telescopic tube, you can easily clean the bottom or crevices of the furniture
・LED dust tracking light to illuminate dark areas and cracks
・Dust box, dust filter and filter cover can all be cleaned with water
・Slim body makes it easy to stand upright and store accessories neatly
・Suitable for various material surfaces such as cars, pets, tiles, floors, carpets, fluff, sofas, screens, curtains, etc.!

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