About Image Digital

Image Digital is a specialty retailer of one-stop lifestyle products, high-end home appliances, electronic digital products and professional photographic equipment. Image Digital, creating a distinguished trendy image, is designed to deliver a leisure ambience for shoppers to experience the hit and most updated digital electronic products in the specially featured zones (or specialty zones) from mobile phones, digital padsand tablets, laptops, health and beauty gadgets, chichome appliances, artificial intelligent robots and games, audio equipment, digital accessories, digitalcameras to DSLR, and covering the prestigious brands: Apple, Canon, Nikon, Hasselblad, Leica, Sony, Samsung, CMOX, Sigma, Acer, Olympus, Casio, LG, Huawei, Sugar, Vokey, Fujifilm, Beats, Braun, Philips, GoPro.

In a spacious and comfortable store, Image Digital also features an interactive pavilion displaying a wide variety of technological products like VR games, TV games, artificial intelligent robots, electric bikes and drones. This hands-on and touch-and-feel experience will be irresistible for those customers who are in pursuits of technological products.

We have expertise in offering the right digital products at the right time through the right channel at the right price in the right mix of the right quality and right quantity so as to suit for the changing tastes of the customers together with the necessities of the end users. We have more than 15 years experience in the industry. Long standing and unique vendor relationships supported by a dedicated procurement team give us the ability to secure the hot products in advance and to ensure we are offering the best value to the customers. Stocks are managed to ensure minimal sell-out incidence and hit products are always on the shelves.

Image Digital¡Šs competitive pricing policy, purchasing ability, and participation in value added promotions, is a strategic mechanism in achieving customer bonding. To become a leading professional retailer of photographic equipment and electronic digital products in the market, our management team continuously fosters innovative thinking and sharp business insights. We are maintaining trustworthy relationships with our shareholders, stakeholders, business partners, landlords, customers and staff in order to sustain long-term and prosperous overall development.

Image Digital has been an exclusive retail shop for selling digital and electronic products at some premium shopping malls in Macau. In addition to shop operations, we have been partnering with the casino operators for launching different marketing campaigns including the operation of casino redemption counters, VIP Days programs, giveaway programs.

We have established a safe, vibrant and prosperous working environment for our team members, coupled with a mutual communication means to enhance their motivation and team spirit and ultimately maximize the efficiency. We are committed to providing excellent customer service and premium quality products at competitive prices to our customers.